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LIBSOFT - Library Software is multi user package designed and developed by a team of library professionals and software professionals for effective management of a library from different angles. This package has been designed to handle huge volumes at lightening speed thus saving manpower. Libsoft is Windows based software and it runs in any Windows environment and hence it has excellent Graphical user Interface. The Menu Interface has been designed to operate the software by use of mouse and other features of WINDOWS such as menu bars. Icons on tool bars, Scroll bars, buttons, list boxes, Function keys, etc. The software has been installed at many libraries, on windows environment and the software package has proved its efficacy in the management of Library over a decade.

Modern library is a place where useful information is available round the clock in a digital network environment. Providing information about everything under the sun, under one roof in one geographical location is next to impossible. Hence there must be a way to share information that is spread over, and that can be achieved only through the effective use of electronic media. Complete automation of all the libraries and a dedicated, centralised server to host information available at different libraries will help in effective sharing of information. A library is completely automated only if the user, irrespective of background or knowledge, is able to access information available in the library from anywhere just by typing few letters/words.

Environ Software (P) Ltd was incorporated in October 1998 and is located at Bangalore the silicon valley of INDIA. It has a team of highly skilled and dedicated staff, specialized in Environmental Hydraulics, Mechanical, Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering.Environ is a multi-disciplinary software development and consulting firm focusing primarily on solutions to problems involving Air, Water and Soil pollution through the in-house, state-of-the-art computational tools. It is capable of solving a wide variety of coastal and marine related problems that include prediction of currents and tides, flood forecasting, morphological changes of estuarine bed and effects on marine population due to discharge of various industrial pollutants. The company is also capable of predicting the spreading of various pollutants in air media, emitted from the industries and vehicles. Environ also provides numerical solutions to the problems related to transport of pollutants in sub-surface flows. The company offers services on field studies to measure and assess conditions in Air, Water and Soil media.

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